It’s baa-aack…!

Some of the more astute of you may have noticed that no longer points to — that’s because thanks to popular demand, SpaceMonger is coming back!

Can I get a w00t from the audience? 🙂

SpaceMonger is back: Because even when it wasn’t for sale anymore, we all couldn’t stop using it, myself included!

I have partnered with the good folks at EdgeRunner to help bring SM back into existence, to help modernize SM’s code and bring this much-needed tool back to the public. We’ve been working together for a year now to bring it back, to make it all snazzy and Modern-looking and to add some desirable new functionality too.

(EdgeRunner is only a year or two old, but it’s a spinoff company from Stardock, and the companies share a number of the same principal people, so it has a lot more talented and experienced personnel than you might expect by its age. They know what they’re doing, and it’s been quite enjoyable working with them.)

I’m both doing some of the coding as well as supervising their devs in this project, and they’ll be handling sales, marketing, and support, which is good, because I never liked any of those parts of running my own business: I get to focus on algorithms and efficiency and functionality, which is what I always cared about most, and they’re working hard on everything else.

The release date isn’t quite firmed up yet, but the beta is coming soon, so if you’d like to see all we’ve been doing for the last year, feel free to sign up to give the beta a try!


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