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C minus minus 11

I spent a little time yesterday reading through the changes to C++11.

Now, mind you, I’ve written a lot of code in C++, upwards of half a million lines of it: So I know all the intricacies of templates. I can use references and pointers safely. I can write const-correct code and overload operators without causing trouble. I know which parts of the language are sturdy and which are dangerously unsafe. I know how to aim the gun right next to my foot without actually striking it.

Now, I spent the last four years in C#, and that’s colored my opinions a bit. A lot of the stuff I used to have to work hard on in C++ is stupid-crazy-easy in C#, and not having to worry about freeing memory makes certain algorithms a few bajillion times simpler. But at the same time, I miss being able to control what winds up on the stack and determine where my memory gets allocated and when it gets freed. C++ gave me power, and sometimes I miss it.

So I think I’m at least somewhat qualified for talking about C++. And I went back to that language for the first time in a while yesterday and read up on what’s new.

I threw up in my mouth more than once.

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Noah to the Front Desk, Please…

My wife and I got back yesterday from a trip to visit my in-laws, and we discovered that our hot water heater had — technically speaking — gone all asplodey-go-boom, leaving an inch of water across our entire basement.

The cats, whose litter boxes were in the basement — dry, but separated from them by six feet of inch-deep water — coped with the situation by pooping and peeing all over the living room.

We spent five hours yesterday and five hours today cleaning, and we’re getting close to having the basement dry and the poop and pee cleaned up. The tank is drained, and next up is replacing the thing with one that’s slightly less likely to go asplodey-go-boom in the near future. This is really not how I intended to spend the last twenty-four hours, but such is the joyous life of a homeowner.

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I spend a lot of my life waiting for compiling, for progress bars to creep across a computer screen.

I usually spend it reading Google News, Ars Technica, or Wikipedia.

What do you do with these otherwise-wasted minutes?

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Domains, hah!

I bought today.  I doubt anybody will ever use it, but maybe this’ll turn out to be an auspicious moment in history, eh?

But I guess now that the Smile programming language has a website, it probably ought to start existing, shouldn’t it?  I have a lexer built, a formal grammar designed (LL(3) with some precedence quirks), a bunch of parsing/transformation rules, a bunch of interpretation rules, and a smattering of the runtime built.  It’s definitely not usable for anything yet, but I can actually see it taking shape, and after a decade of working on its design, of throwing out and revising piece after piece of it, it’s good to feel like it’s finally going somewhere.

Remind me to tell you guys about it at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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It’s been a long time

Once upon a time, I had a blog up here, and my software, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I stopped doing that some years ago. It was a lot of hassle to maintain the mess, and absolutely soul-crushing at times to read the comments.

But — I still have things to say, even if it’s to an empty echo chamber. There are still techy things I want to talk about, ideas to pontificate on, and useful tips to share. So here we go again, with a brand-spanking-new version of WordPress, comments completely disabled, and an empty database of posts.

So let’s do a quick run-down of the most common questions from the last few years:

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